Tier One (<6% Alcohol By Volume)


singin’ in the rain: raspberry

Style: Fruit Hefeweizen

ABV: 5.1%; IBU 15

Attributes: Raspberry puree turns this classic Bavarian Hefeweizen into a pink-tastic hazy beer. 60% malted wheat. Lightly tart and sweet raspberry, firm banana accented with clove esters, creamy soft mouthfeel. 

in 1952: Bosley Crowther of The New York Times wrote (of the film): "…all elements in this rainbow program are carefully contrived and guaranteed to lift the dolors of winter and put you in a buttercup mood."


1, 2, 3, GO!

Style: American Porter

ABV: 5.8%; IBU: 38

Attributes: Flavorful dark malt characteristics, grainy, dry, softly sharp. Earthy, slightly resiny hop profile. Burnt toast and dark chocolate flavors arise when warmed. Crisp and slightly sweet finish.

Inside Info: Listen to Joe Jackson’s “Got The Time.”

Tier Two (6 - 8% Alcohol By Volume)



Style: Brut IPA

ABV: 7.0%; IBU 50

Attributes: Crisp hop aroma. Crisp, clean, effervescent light body. Finish is satisfying and refreshing, belying its high attenuation and relatively high dryness.

Movie Night! Sandthrax is a high-risk slot canyon in the North Wash area of Utah. Not to be undertaken lightly, see this video: https://youtu.be/XsSco0dw9t4


mr bloom

Style: Foreign Export Stout

ABV: 7.2%; IBU: 50

Attributes: Pronounced roasted character, malty sweetness with smooth flavors of coffee, caramel and chocolate, light burnt bitterness on the nose and in the finish. Extremely quaffable, dry finish.

Import/Export: It is said that Ireland has two extremely valuable exports: James Joyce and Guinness.

Tier Three (8 – 10% Alcohol By Volume)


Show, don’t tell

Style: Belgian-Style Tripel

ABV: 9.9%; IBU 35

Attributes: A bright, golden-yellow color, with a bright white, long-lasting head. Aromas of pear, candied apple, light honey, grainy malt, spicy phenols. Fruity taste profile, apple and citrus, hints of vanilla, soft but firm hop and Belgian Chimay-type yeast spiciness. Refreshing and dry finish.

SHHHHHHH! Benedictine monks are committed to vows of silence, in the belief that quieting their own voices will help them hear the divine. In trappist monasteries, the brewers only speak when absolutely required.

Tier Four (10 - 14% Alcohol By Volume)


belgian quad

Style: Belgian-Style Quadrupel

ABV: 11.2%; IBU 29

Attributes: The addition of Belgian Candi Syrup, combined with spicy, floral phenols from Belgian yeast make this beer a classic. Sweeter on the palate, dry warming finish.

Kissing Cousins? Traditionally Belgians welcome good friends with three kisses on alternating cheeks. But knowing when that's appropriate confuses even the locals. At a first meeting a regular handshake will do.

After a Gale – Wreckers by James Hamilton

After a Gale – Wreckers by James Hamilton

gale gruit

Style: Gruit Ale

ABV: 10.7%; IBU 0

Attributes: Fermented with Norwegian Hornindal Kveik yeast, herbed with Cinnamon, Myrica Gale, Yarrow, and Honey.

The Basics: Gruit or Grut (German for herb) Ale is essentially any brew that uses an herbal mixture as a flavoring or bittering agent in place of hops.  A more uncommon brew nowadays, prior to the 15th Century, it used to be exceedingly popular, with brewhouses having their own trademark herbal mixtures.

Tier Five (14 – 17% alcohol by volume)


23 Karat

Style: Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 14.2%; IBU 75

Attributes: Aged in High West Bourbon barrels for 6 months. The bourbon barrel softened the beer, imparting low barrel characters and creaminess. Black, with a golden-tinged tan head. Aromas of white chocolate, vanilla, oak char, soft fruit notes, slight banana, dark cocoa. Spicy, rye notes, hints of cinnamon, dark chocolate, bitter black coffee mid-palate. Finishes bitter, with dry characteristics of the roast dark malt, light oak tannins, and hints of oak char.

23 Karat? The weight of the gold found at Sutter’s Mill, as James Marshall announced: “Gold, boys, Gold!” and started all that rushing west.

stolen kiss.jpg

Stolen Kiss

Style: Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Brown Ale

ABV: 14.5%; IBU 39

Attributes: Dark brown with a golden edge, creamy tan head. Aromas of rum and wood, grass and cocoa. Flavors of cocoa, dark, chocolatey roasted malt and dark treacle. Malt and hop bitterness. Sweet, residual warming. 

Not harrassment, rather, infatuation: People in Western/European culture used to need to court each other with other people always in the room, or with a chaperone. “Stealing a kiss” meant that the couple (who, usually, both liked each other a lot and really wanted to kiss each other, anyway) snuck in a few kisses “under the nose” of the chaperone.


Auld Lang Syne

Style: Barrel-Aged English Barleywine

ABV: 16.5%; IBU 65

Attributes: Aged in brandy barrels for almost 5 months, this beer is high-gravity goodness with our hallmark balanced and smooth warmth. The richness of stone fruit and caramel notes from the barrel make it a lingering delight.

How many ways? The poems's Scots title may be translated into standard English as "old long since" or, more idiomatically, "long long ago", "days gone by", or "old times". "For auld lang syne", as it appears in the first line of the song chorus, might be loosely translated as "for the sake of old times".

braggot 2.jpg

bumblebee feet

Style: Braggot-Style Honey Ale

ABV: 16.2%; IBU 12

Attributes: 49% of the fermentables in this beer come from Colorado Wildflower Honey. Sweet, floral, candied citrus and toasty grain aromas. Rich, bright flavor profile neatly balancing grain and honey characteristics. Finishes very dry, not cloying, with a gentle warmth.

Bumblebee Feet? Refers to the appearance of a style of boot worn (largely) by people engaged in the sport of canyoneering. One brand used by many happens to be a very bright yellow with black bands. Wayne and Laura wore these boots as part of their wedding attire (we were married under a waterfall.)

bacchanal barleywine.jpg


Style: Tequila Barrel Aged Barleywine

ABV: 16.7%; IBU 65

Attributes: Earthy tequila notes are up front in the aroma of this complex beer, followed by vanilla and oak tannins mixed with low spice and caramel maltiness. Those aromas are redefined as they blend and separate on your palate, working towards a earthy-spicy finish; warming with a rich mouthfeel.

Sip and stay! From the German gar aus trinken meaning “all out," “drain the cup” or “drink up.” The English adopted the word in the 16th century, and it came to mean “sitting around drinking until closing time.”  We close at 10 o’clock.



Gluten Free

We carry GFCO 100% Gluten Free beer from Holidaily Brewing Company (Golden, Colorado.) Brewed with malted millet, malted rice and buckwheat, served from 16oz cans. Style varies.


We Are Brewing

  • The Collab Belgian Quad (Collaboration with Cargill Malt (Dingemann), White Labs and Hopsteiner) - Belgian-Style Quadrupel / Release: April 8

  • unnamed (Collaboration with Weldwerks Brewing Company) - Triple Dry-Hopped Triple Hazy IPA / Anticipated Release: April 8

  • unnamed (Collaboration with Proximity Malt) - Olde Ale / Anticipated Release: April 8

  • unnamed - Double-Imperial Stout in Stainless and Barrel-Aged / Anticipated Release: TBD

  • Still Life - Oud Bruin / Anticipated Release: September