[Wayne’s big beers have been] so popular that beer geeks regularly make cross-country pilgrimages to get it. At one point, …[his] Raspberry Eisbock was ranked the #1 beer in the world on beeradvocate.com. No small feat. And In 2010, …[his Old Ale], Fourth Dementia, won gold at both the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival. We’re talking about some serious street cred.
— Patrick Dawson, North Denver Tribune, December 8, 2013

We Brew

Our specialty is strong beer, carefully composed, skillfully brewed, and clocking in above 10% Alcohol By Volume [ABV] – sometimes well over. Wayne’s 22%ABV, 22+year old beer mellows in our cellar, and Burns Family Artisan Ales is planning to create one for your cellar, as well.

7BBL fermenters side view.jpg

While you are here trying our higher alcohol selections and making your choice of bottle purchase, try some of the more sessionable beers on our taps. We brew those, too.

Wayne’s recipes are developed from experience, trial and error and sheer giftedness as a craftsperson. His creative genius informs a litany of inspired recipes for Burns Family Artisan Ales. Laura Worley’s innate skill in recipe creation, honed from years as a chef plus her professional brewing experience, help craft the showcase of Burns Family Artisan Ales beers.

We brew small batches and take our time. A lot of grain, long brewdays, and much longer fermenting time, along with cautious tasting and consistent lab work goes into each big beer. That’s before we put it into a barrel, if we make the choice that a beer would develop well in a certain type of barrel. We hand-bottle and hand-label the beers for market. We curate beers in our aging cellar. We staff our taproom. We get to know our customers and the specialty retailers who want to share our beer outside of the taproom. We listen, we redesign if necessary, and we educate. We love what we do, and it shows.