Original Photography, Burns Family Artisan Ales, LLC

Wayne Burns and Laura Worley

Since 1994, Wayne Burns has used his professional brewing education at Siebel Institute and Doemens Academie to create beers earning him the moniker "Big-Beer King."  Wayne is a specialist in crafting delicious, cellarable 10%-22% alcohol by volume [ABV] beers and wildly appreciated, award-winning lower-ABV offerings.  

Burns Family Artisan Ales' High-Octane Wayne Burns and partner, fellow brewer, and seasoned entrepreneur Laura Worley welcome you to the Burns family, where artisan ales are created with passion, care, and respect.


Our Mission

We are a celebration of brewing history, style, invention and skill; in a glass.

Tackling experimental, new, traditional and revival styles with a professional approach, we create experiences. Our beers are designed to be delicious fresh from our tanks and with maturation. We belong at the family picnic as well as your fine dining table. Our expectations and standards are high. Your own journey into the appreciation of excellently crafted beer should be no less. Let us be your companion; you too can celebrate our Denver-home Mile-High heights in beer appreciation.

Wayne Burns…happens to be Michigan’s big-beer king. With his Solar Eclipse, Wayne reached Himalayan heights. It’s an imperial stout that checks in at 21 percent ABV, putting him in a league with Samuel Adams’ Utopias and Dogfish Head’s World Wide Stout. In recent years, he also turned out an ultrastrong Grand Cru, an Amber Eisbock, and his most often quaffed big beer, Extreme IPA…But Wayne’s smaller beers have gained a following as well.
— Paul Ruschman and Maryanne Nasiatka, Michigan Breweries c. 2006

What We've Achieved

  • 4th Dementia Old Ale:  

    • 2010 gold medal (English old/strong ale) – World Beer Cup; awarded to Wayne Burns

    • 2010 gold medal – Great American Beer Fest; awarded to Wayne Burns

    • 2009 bronze medal – Great American Beer Fest; awarded to Wayne Burns

  • Expedition Stout: 2011 gold medal (aged beer) – Great American Beer Fest; awarded to Wayne Burns

  • Simcoe Silly: 2010 silver medal (Belgo-American ale) – Great American Beer Fest; awarded to Wayne Burns

  • Novi Pilsner: 1999 gold medal (German-style pilsner) – Great American Beer Fest; awarded to Wayne Burns